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Reiki Behandlungen

Reiki treatments

During a Reiki treatment, soul blockages are found and dissolved. The Reiki energy gets transferred with the hands. The energy flows from the giver to the receiver and it is a support for any medical treatment. Reiki may be used as a precaution and it alleviates existing discomfort. The self-healing powers are mobilized. 

60€ per hour

Weißer Raum



During hypnosis, it is possible to dive into the deeper levels of our consciousness. For example, negative beliefs, compulsions and sick making habits (smoking, dependencies in general) may be re-programmed or healed through positive input. Even stress, blockages and unprocessed experiences can be relieved during the hypnosis.

100€ per hour

Chakra Reinigung

Chakra cleansing for women


The relaxing chakra treatment is used to dissolve deeply rooted mental blockages which will be exhaled during the session. The chakras get massaged and activated with Aura Soma Oils. During the treatment, the patient will often experience a feeling of deliverance and relaxation. 

70 € per hour




Through meditative connection with my spirit guide, I will get answers to questions and problems or I will get general information. I only need a picture/Photo of yourself or of the person about whom you would like to get information. 

70 € per Reading

Ayuverda Massagen

Ayurveda massages for women


"The great oiling" is a form of Ayurvedic massage and is carried out with heated vegetable oils. It is part of so-called wellness applications. It drives away old age and tension. It gives good eyesight, a long life, good sleep and a healthy skin. Its general physical effects are relaxation, warming and loosening of the tissues, of skin, muscles and bones. The general psychological effect is a strong feeling of security. The massage takes one hour, after which you should rest.



100 € per hour


Schamanische Meditation und Heilung
Weiße Pflanzen

Shamanic healing and meditation


Through the shamanic meditation, I travel for you to the lower and upper soul garden and seek contact with your lost soul parts, which will be slowly healed. Your job is to reintegrate them. Through spiritual journeys to the different spirits and to the totems or power animals, you can release your inner blockages and heal yourself. Should you not be able to make this spiritual journey, I will make the journey for you. By traveling to the upper world, I can solve or re-write spiritual contracts for you. 

100 € per hour


Tarot Karten

Tarot cards


Tarot cards give insights into the current situation of the questioner, they answer special questions and help to make difficult decisions. Although they are a little help, you remain responsible for your own life.



50 € per hour


Weiße Säulen

Aura Soma - Chakra Cleansing Course


During this course, you will learn how to dissolve blockages through oiling the chakras (energy centres) and to exhale them.

Course fee: 200 €

Aura Soma Chakra Reinigung
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