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After having invested a lot of time and effort in re-shaping the house to our own satisfaction, we now can finally call it “our home.”


We found each other in spring 2018 and immediately felt that we would spend our lives together.

Despite being of different origin, our similarities and at the same time our differences unite us. His love for birds and nature and my deep interest and talent for spirituality melted together into a common goal: making a living out of our passion. 

The idea of opening a Bed and Breakfast, combined with a nature and spiritual retreat came at an early stage. It started with a dream in 2020, when we were collecting furniture and small items for our future B&B throughout the Netherlands and Germany.

Initially, the idea was to open a B&B in the Netherlands, but then destiny took another turn and after a short holiday in the Eifel, we fell in love with its enchanted valleys and hills and decided to search for a home in the area.


We look forward to your visit.

Your Egle & Leo

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