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I was born 1966 in Zuidlaren, the Netherlands and am

living for several years in IJmuiden.

I am the father of three teenagers, who live with

their mother.


My passion for birding started in the 80s, resulting in travelling to several foreign countries. Especially the desert has always fascinated me, and I have therefore travelled various times to Morocco, Egypt, Western Sahara and Israel.


Despite several visits to tropical countries like Ecuador, Hawaii, Cape Verde and South Africa, the desert has always charmed me in a special way. Having been a photographer for many years before, I could connect both jobs and get articles and photographs on birds published in several international magazines and books. At the end of the 90s, I started filming birds which resulted in videos of rare birds in the Netherlands and the birds of the Macaronesian Islands.

I have worked several years for Birding Holland, leading tourists into the Dutch woods and Dunes, in search of rare birds. Nowadays, I am also interested in mammals, butterflies, moths and nature in general. 

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