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My name is Egle Maria Pichetto.

I was born 1963 in Turin/Italy.

After achieving my diploma as a translator for the languages German, English and Spanish,

I moved to Cologne in the early 80s, in order to work as an au-pair.

I remained in Germany and started working as an import clerk and translator for a Cologne shipping company. Since 1989 I have been working as a flight attendant and since 2004 as an energy healer. 

Already as a child, I showed great interest in spirituality and I learnt at an early age, how to read and interpret Tarot cards. That is how my spiritual path and development began.

In the year 2004 I completed the first Reiki degree, two years later I got the teacher degree.

Further training courses followed, which deepened my knowledge and expanded my range of offers. 

Ever since that time, my life has changed in a wonderful way. Energetic healing means to me an enrichment and inspiration on my life path.

I enjoy working with people and supporting them on their individual path to self- healing and self-knowledge. 

Healing is to me not only a job but a sort of vocation. 

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