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Butterfly weekend

in the Eifel and in Cochem


From our Bed and Breakfast,

In the heart of the Eifel National Park, we organize our butterfly weekends.


We focus on specific species which are not or rarely seen in the Netherlands.


For years the Eifel is a popular destination among butterfly enthusiasts from Holland but also from Germany.


The small groups of three to four participants per weekend have the opportunity to learn much from each other as far as identification, photography and filming is concerned. Every evening there will be a special lamp attached next to the house to attract various species of moths. During warm July and August nights over 150 species a night is not uncommon..

Travelling is by own car, breakfast and a lunch is included. Dinner is somewhere on location at your own expense. Arrival on the first day is at around nine in the morning so we can start at ten.


There is a possibility to stay the night prior, to a reduced price and if space is available.


The next days we start at sunset to search and photograph the still sleeping butterflies..



The itinerary for the butterfly weekend is in Dutch only.


If you are interested, send us an email.


Bird tours and weekends

Vogel Tour und Wochenende

No specific data is available. Private tours can be booked by sending us a request.


Red Kites are common throughout the whole area but we might be able to find other specific species as Eagle Owl, Dipper, Rock Bunting, Black and Middle Spotted or even a Grey-headed Woodpecker.

In early spring and autumn thousands of Cranes migrate straight over our B&B.

E-mail request


Bird hide photography

Fotografieren aus der Höhe

Next to our house we have a bird photography hide for a maximum of three people.


Common species are Marsh, Great and Blue Tit, Nuthatch, Robin, Blackbird, Chaffinch and sometimes Middle Spotted Woodpecker, Haw- and Bullfinch. Other visitors are Yellow-necked Mouse and Bank Vole. The forest around the house hold interesting birds as Lesser Spotted, Green and Black Woodpecker, Red Kite and Tawny Owls. Up to 30 bird species have been recorded at the hide.


The hide  can be booked in combination with our B&B. For further information, please send an E-mail

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